Happy birthday Roy Lewis!

Getting old is better than getting none. :lol:

Obviously, Dave would know!

Happy birthday, Roy!

Have a “good one”!!!


Happy Birthday to Roy From Roy.
I wish you good weather to help your celebrations .
All the best.


Yep, I’ve known that since I was a teeny bopper. :wink:

In Roy’s case, he is going through “Double Jeopardy”! :shock:

Happy birthday Roy.

Happy Birthday Ole Timer.

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Happy Birthday Mr Redneck! Enjoy your gift.

Thanks everyone…

LMAO :lol:

Happy Birthday Roy, and may you have many more. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Roy.

Have a good Birthday Roy, go wrestle a Gator or whatever you do in your spare time! T|>:|.):|.)

Happy Birthday Roy.
Have a Great Day… :smiley:

He made it to another one? Shouldn’t it be in the emergency fourm? Happy Birthday Roy!! :smiley:

Happy Birthday you old coot hope you make another one;-)

Congrats Roy, best wishes to you my friend. Hope you have many many more.