Join me in wishing Florida member Roy Lewis a happy birthday.

Happy birthday Roy.

Happy Birthday, Roy. I hope you enjoy many more. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Roy

Happy birthday Roy! I wish you many, many, more!\:D/:nachi::nachi::nachi:

Happy Birthday Roy

Happy Birthday, Roy!

Happy birthday Roy

Happy B-Day Roy. I’ll have a drink later in your honor :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Roy!!!

Happy Birthday Roy.

Have a Great Day… :smiley:

Happy Birthday Roy.

Thanks everyone.

Happy Birthday Roy … Sorry I am late guess the cake is all gone … TTYL … Roy

Happy Birthday Roy

Happy Birthday Roy. :slight_smile:

happy B-day Roy I had a beer for ya :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Happy Birthday Roy

Thanks Gentlemen.

Happy Birthday, MR Redneck!!

I’m sharing the picture I took of us celebrating!!


Wees be lookin’ good ain’t wees!