Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone be safe and enjoy!!!

And you too Alfred.:slight_smile:

Anyone else find it ironic that we have a holiday called “Labor Day” where almost everyone gets the day off? Shouldn’t it be called, “Goof Off and Still Get Paid Day”?

Mark, I goofed off all week so I’ll just take another one without pay. :):wink:

Man I hear that…

Enjoy! Relax and prepare for a productive 4th quarter!

Happy Labor Day Weekend All.

you to alfred

Yes! After a very busy first 6 months, July and August were awful! Have one scheduled for Tuesday so that’s a start :roll:

I’ve taken this weekend off from business, prospecting, working on race cars, etc., my first real time off doing nothing since Memorial Day :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend everyone…

Al in TN