What a day

I took my truck in to have the tires rotated today. I got about two miles away from the tire store and started hearing funny metal noises and the truck was acting like I had a flat tire. Fortunately I wasn’t going very fast and was able to pull off of the road. I thought I had a flat tire. When I got out and looked none of the tires were flat but the driver rear tire had come loose from the axle and there were no lug nuts or stubs sticking out. I guess the tech either didn’t tighten them up or didn’t put them back on at all. I called the tire store up and told them what happened. They sent two guys out right away and admitted that they were at fault as soon as they looked at it. They called a wrecker and are going to rebuild my rear end. I told them that I understood that things happen and won’t have a problem with it as long as they make everything right. As I told them I am just glad that I didn’t get hurt or hurt someone else. You can bet that from now on I will check each tire after anyone works on them from now on.

Wonder if someone gets fired for that one.
Lucky you are OK

Glad you’re okay…mistakes happen…it’s tough being without your (a) vehicle though.

Wow Greg, that wasn’t very clever, I’m glad that didn’t turn out much worse :shock:



Good thing you don’t speed, glad your OK.

Sorry this happened to you. It sure is nice that you can keep your cool the way you did and that the tire store will make it right.

Wow. Glad you are OK.

I am Glad you are OK

[FONT=Arial]I am glad that you are all right! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]In 1997 I went to a Firestone Tire Dealer to get 6-brand new tires on my van. Several miles down the road I felt like I was getting “sea sick” as the truck was wobbling. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]I stared in amazement as one of my rear tires shot past the front of my truck! It seems that the tech did not bother to tighten the lug nuts and the tires on the right rear came loose! [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I was lucky that I was driving on the smaller less traveled “City streets” and not on the interstate! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]I called the shop and they denied that it was their fault! I told them “Look…. Right now I am not talking “Lawsuit” or lawyer…… All I am asking is that you send a wrecker to pick up my van and to put my tires back on![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Guess what…. They did! And…. They had to do some minor repairs to the wheels![/FONT]

Sure glad you’re OK Greg and the boom box wasn’t cranked up before you hit the highway.

Glad nobody got hurt.

I always check my oild drain plug whenever I take my vehicles in for an oil change if I don’t have time to do it myself because of stupid little things like that. Had a friend take his car to Pep Boys one time and they forgot to tighten the drain plug. A couple of miles down the road it vibrated out and he seized the engine. Pep Boys paid for a new crate motor and installation and provided him with a rental car. They knew they screwed up and offered to rectify before he could even speak the word LAWYER.

I hope it doesn’t hurt too badly!

Oh my. :shock:

Thanks for the replies.


One of the guys that came to look at it was the one that worked on it. As we were getting into their car to ride back to the store he said “guess I lost my job today”. I told him that I hoped that he didn’t since he was the first to say that it was his fault. The manager of the store told me that he was his most reliable tech and was shocked that this happened. He could keep his job as long as we could keep the incident in house.

Frank C

It just so happens that it was at a Firestone store.

Frank M

I don’t have a problem with someone making a mistake as long as they admit it and make it right. The tech said that it was his fault as soon as he looked at it.


Thanks for the laugh.

Will you have to get the photo changed on your ID? :mrgreen:

sorry… lame humor.

It was good the defect did not show up on the freeway. Glad your OK.