Hard to stop basement leak

I bought my first house with a walkout basement. Water leaks on one wall after a heavy 3”+ rain. A poured foundation wall stops about 10’ short and they framed a wall the rest of the way to the back corner. They did not seal the gap between the 2x6 stud and the poured cement wall. Water seems to build up behind the brick on the outside and comes in about 2’ off the floor. I had to drill a couple “relief holes” in the brick wall at ground level to allow the water to escape (it flowed out in a good stream).

What’s the best way to seal the gap between the wood stud and the poured concrete wall? I only have access from inside.

Since the last water leak, I ordered some brick sealant from a waterproofing supplier.

Previous to the last leak I had someone dig out and remove the clay/dirt to the footer for that 10’ section then filled the trench to the top with gravel. I’m at a loss as to how so much water was accumulating behind the bricks. The bricks start 12-18” below grade and go up about 3’ above grade. Then crappy vinyl siding.

I tried uploading a pic but can’t since I’m a new users. TIA

If I’m reading you correctly, you have a joint between a concrete wall and a framed wall that is currently buried. My big question is why is there a concrete-wall-to-framed-wall joint below grade. That just should not be. The way to fix it is to regrade so that joint is no longer buried.

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The residence was erected on an incline.
This poured foundation wall you mention that stops about 10’ short. Please explain.

1: Poor masonry clearance.

Have a licensed landscaping contractor remove the soil and trench the lot so the proper lot drainage is achieved for that area.
That’s my take on your description.

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on these poured wall/bricks below grade leaks, sometimes water gets in 1’ or even 10-20’ AWAY FROM where the homeowner sees/gets the water inside. For some, the water can get in and run on top of the poured wall (unseen inside basement) quite a few feet away from where it shows up inside basement so this is one reason why i run a water-test with on hose on quite a few leaky basements BEFORE writing up any estimate, before digging/waterproofing.

for others, sometimes water first gets in above grade through any poorly tooled mortar joints n any other gaps/openings above ground level, including in-around siding

running a water test with a hose, done correctly, will tell you, show you if some or all the water is getting in further away from where you see/get the water inside and show you if the water is getting in above ground level.

you hired someone who dug it out n backfilled with gravel (10’ area) , did they seal anything?

regrading doesn’t SEAL/fix shtt imo, hiring a landscaper looolllllllllll but whatever eh

If you wanna chat about your leak on phone, i’ll be around a lil bit today from 11:30 am - 3:30 586 777 7973, i don’t want anything just offering to try n help, 40+ honest yrs behind my shtt


Call Mark…


Grading rules are regulated by the municipality.
Clearances must be maintained.

Maybe you should use and act as a professional on the MB. Hm?

As for retaining any poster that uses vulgarities and bashes any competition, I am sure a few well placed phones calls to an foundation expert would direct you to a seasoned professional.

Please call Mark Anderson before you do anything else.


I agree it was wrong to frame a wall and have it 18” under grade…and I know nothing about building houses. There’s no window in the wall. I don’t know why they didn’t just continue the concrete foundation wall to the back of the house. Unfortunately the house has been there since 2004. Septic tank is a few feet out from there along with irrigation. No easy way to regrade / remove the dirt.

I think it’s a site rule that prevents new users from uploading files.

say again, regrading does NOT seal anything, in fact it does not inform anyone of where the water may be first getting in, folla?


Instead of explaining what it was not meant to do, explain the function of lot grading, and how it interacts with the lot, foundation and the perimeter drainage field and weep tiles, or in this case I suspect, the lack thereof for the area being affected.