Water leak in basement.......

:20 umm, what’s with the GRAY junk on bottom of wall/floor #-o

Ok so poured basement wall, water UP HIGH (similar to Jaclyn-David’s house)

:35 outside, it’s umm raining

1:00 says, ‘found the SOURCE of water leak’. :-k

And that is??? :wink: :mrgreen:

The problem(s) is going to be one OR more of the following…
-water coming in because there are open mortar joints above grade by the window

-water coming in because there may be 1+ opening just below grade. The grade is up against unprotected bricks and joints so, there could be 1+ openings along/just under duh grade

-water coming in through openings in/around that window

-water getting in possibly through 1 or more bricks/joints above the window where it appears there’s some shtt in gutter, water can saturate the bricks/joints and may then come in

-water coming in through any other possible openings between grade and the roof, gotta find them ALL and then fix 'em all

1:45 ant colony :mrgreen: … they too could be coming in through same exterior openings

Rainwater drainage, water pooling at foundation causes basement leaks :-k

again, he is zeroing in on the water coming off duh roof.

Then assumes, IF the downspout extensions are loooooonger, then THAT will keep all or enough water AWAY from the basement wall.

On heavier, longer rains, spring thaws, water that may be diverted a little further away from the basement wall goes into the soil…and then what?

Don’t think some of that water can’t work its way back towards the house/wall, UNDERGROUND? Shtt, happens all the time.

We understand he wants to sell/push his products but let’s not try and bullshtt some homeowners

Seller raised and sloped the grade away, a lot of it was raised around 20" along the front… did THAT solve the leaky basement? Nope.

Here’s a brick house, block wall… the basement leaks at–near the corner, similar to what Amerimax shows in video. The seller added a longer downspout extension and placed visqueen/plastic underground…and? Did that solve the actual problems, the EXISTING DEFECTS? Nope.

People need to find, identify, correctly diagnose their actual problems… NOT play grading-games and try and kick the can (the problems and real solution) down the road to the next homeowner/buyer.

Those who think sloping the grade, adding soil etc solves most leaky basements…question FER ya’s… here’s a new driveway with that better supposed ‘pitch’ of the slabs, just like what some want to do/try with ‘sloping the grade/soil’…
the PITCH of the old slabs was erroneously thought to be the problem, the reason WHY duh basement leaked… nonsense!

IF there was NO driveway here, the guy in the video/Amerimax and others would try and tell people to add longer extensions or raise and slope the grade… right?

Well, THAT… would NOT, solve the existing, actual problems/reasons… WHY the dang basement leaks!@!@!@!!

Same guy, ‘completing the project’. Says, ‘this simple system will PREVENT basement leaks’… ](*,)


If your going to raise the dumb grade, you’d best seal/waterproof those bricks and mortar joints that will now be underground or you may actually CAUSE a g dang leak.
WHY some ask? Here’s why…


Some bricks, mortar joints, will deteriorate, spall, especially when they’re underground and unprotected. Yeah sure, some of the joints were previously, poorly tooled

One of DUH points here is, when someone tells a homeowner, seller-buyer, whatever, to raise and slope the GRADE or add 69’ long downspout extensions 'n other crap, and tell them THAT will solve their leaky, wet basements, THIS (the photos) is what we find AFTER that SHTTT was attempted.

Yep, cracks and other exterior openings that were not identified, nor obviously fixed. is WHY the dumb basement leaked.

Same here, senior woman was told LOTS of bulllshtt including, to disconnect the back-driveside-downspout and run it, out front!!
Is THIS extended far enough away away from the leaky back corner for ya???

GIMMIE…some truth, John Lennon cover… got milk? A soon TA be Nachi member?