Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

When were hard wired smoke detectors required. I inspected a home built in 1996 today and none of the smoke detectors (one on each level) were hard wired, battery only and they were dead. ???

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It was a state by state adoption, nothing in NEC. Here’s a good pdf that gives each state’s adoption year, although keep in mind local jurisdictions could have required before the state officially mandated.

Glenn, Not sure what link you were supplying but my Anti-Virus software picked up the file as containing a virus and it went to immediate quarantine.

It was a pdf document. No viruses. I’ve got antivirus running on mine and didn’t do it. I just scanned the file, nothing. I can’t attach to post as it only lets you attach up to 265K here and it’s a 100 page pdf. Send me your email and I’ll send it to you.