Hardhat and Goggles

Nice graphic here!

What are the OSHA or 70E requirements for the specific ratings for these PPE items?

Should be wearing:
Polyester work shirt and pants
Latex exam gloves
Sunglasses (Metal frames are the best)
Clear grinding face shield
Flip Flops

Just kidding folks…

Well it depends on what you are doing and what you are doing it on…


Same old same old from someone who absolutely REFUSES to get with the program.

I was the person who wrote the Safety Course, free for everyone who wants to take it. I am the one who believes Inspectors put themselves in harms way. I am all for safety. But, I whittle down safety issues to things that PERTAIN TO OUR INDUSTRY.

Which industry is that, Joe?

What does your post have to do with ANYTHING?

You REALLY need to cease and desist with your inane posts.

However you gained access to this message board again is a mystery. Once I discover whatever loophole you slithered through, I will close it and once again remove you.



NC requires that their Home Inspectors take this training yearly to maintain their license.*

I think you are mistaken. The course is a mandatory one for the 2011 continuing education in North Carolina and is not necessary every year.

We have been on this merry-go-round before. PPE is a very good idea, but not a requirement for independent home inspectors or someone not doing electrical work. Here is a quote from the 2009 edition of NFPA-70E

You mean confirmation of what we have been trying to tell you all along that the PPE is only a “recommendation”, and not a requirement for independent home inspectors or those not doing electrical work. Read the first page on that NC link which has this …

JMO & 2-Nickels … ;-)*

The student is posting “questions” where he is asking for an answer. Be very careful here, folks. Tedesco is up to his old tricks.

History is a great teacher. He knows little of the nature of what a home inspector does.

Never has. Never will.

Thank you, yes I agree it is a mandatory 4 hour course for 2011 and not for every year. :slight_smile: