Harsh-tone letter demanding payment for inspectors to use.

Note: It is important that this letter be sent by the Inspector, not a third party. Third party debt collectors are subject to the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and their demand letters must contain specific language.

Why not just say “if you want your report, pay your bill”?

Keep them coming Nick.

I don’t release report until I have payment in hand. This however could be used along with the bad check agreement. If the check bounces and they don’t pay you, then this would come in handy.


Being new to the business, this topic was on my mind and I cannot find any other threads speaking to this.

How does everyone manage the timing of report distribution vs. receiving payment?

  • No Reports until Payment is received?
  • Summary Only until Payment is received?
  • Summary & Electronic Reports until Payment is received?
  • Summary, Electronic & Paper Reports before Payment is received?

I welcome everyone’s insight and experience with this!

Thank you!

No payment, no report. Simple and it works. Use ISN so you don’t even have to think about it. Realtors will see the report is ready, but they can’t look at it until the client pays, so now the Realtor is telling the client to pay! Free collection agents.



No payment, no report. But the report will dangle there in front of your like a carrot until payment is received!

My email to confirm the inspection says clearly payment is due at time of service with a link to play in advanced. So I’ve only ever had use the dangling carrot option once (so far).

This… no payment, no inspection.

Prior to this policy…Once and only once, a client that was present at the inspection “disappeared” near the end of the inspection, nowhere to be found.

Unbeknownst to him, I knew the exact home he currently lived in, and a knock on his door with a demand for payment handed to him when his family was home, had me a check the next morning. He was informed the report would not be sent until **his **bank honored/cashed his check in person. Not a heck of a lot he could say at that point!

Have never had any issue since with this policy.

In my agreement next to amount of inspection I put, Payment due by the end of the inspection, Reports will not be sent unless paid in full.