I was wondering if most of you, as I do, expect payment for home inspections at time of service. I’ve had a couple of Realtors recently that I feel the main problem is communication. The inspection was set about 10 days out and after getting the inspection, I requested customer info and address. The night before the inspection at 10 pm, I realized that the information was never sent to me. I started sending emails and did receive the info by 11 pm. The inspection went on the next day. When the inspection was done, I informed the buyer that I needed to collect the fee. Well, he didn’t have means of payment on him so I said that was fine, just mail it to me. That was on a Friday, about noon the next Monday, I have the Realtors saying hey where’s our inspection report. I informed them that the buyer didn’t pay me and that I was waiting on payment to release the report. They claim that they didn’t realize that payment was contingent on getting the report. I explained that I didn’t know of any inspectors that release the report without payment and haven’t heard back from them. Do any of you out there release your inspection reports without payment?

From what you said I’m assuming you didn’t have a signed agreement before the inspection either?

If payment was contingent on getting the report, it should have been in your agreement and signed before the inspection.

Would have been better to take a chance at not getting paid then losing a referring agent.

Hope it all works out.


No pay, no report. If it takes days, so be it. That’s why you do paperwork at the beginning of the inspection. If they “forgot” their checkbook, they can leave the inspection and go to the ATM for cash. They have a couple hours.

There are numerous sob stories on this message board about inspectors that released the report and either didn’t receive payment or it took days / weeks / months to collect. You don’t go to Costco and have them put new tires on your car and expect them to let you drive away cause you forgot your payment.

In this instance, you screwed up by not keeping track of the booking until the last minute and for only the 2nd time, requesting info. At the same time, an agent that can’t send info in a timely manner is the type that will be a constant thorn in your rear. Treat your business like a BUSINESS.

I get paid At the time of inspection or by cc before they can view the report. You must tell people what you expect though. We have to get paid, but you need to keep customers too… Set up online cc payment.

I collect payment before the inspection commences, or when the client shows up (I am always early to arrive) except for my repeat clients which I allow to wait until the inspection concludes, but ironically most will hand me a check at the beginning when they arrive before I even ask for it (trained by me from the beginning). Credit Cards are accepted via PayPal to be received no later than 12 prior to the start time. No payment, I don’t leave home without calling to remind them to bring CASH! NOBODY gets credit. I am not a financial institution. If I was, there would be heavy fees involved and a lengthy ‘Application Process’ (30 days pre-approved).

Look into ISN, all your problems go away. Clients and Realtors love it. We do not give anyone a choice. Never work for free and do not spend hours and days chasing after money. Show me the money and I will show you my talents! I have done 1000’s of inspections and never ever once had a Realtor mettle in my business.

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I agree with the previous posts. Some inspectors I know collect money BEFORE the inspection even starts. I guess sometimes the customer gets angry about all the stuff uncovered with the inspection, somehow blames the inspector and refuses to pay.
I usually collect at time of inspection but never after the written report.

I agree with the ISN.

I can complete the inspection and issue the report to the client.

The client is able to see that their report is ready. ISN will not allow the report to be viewed until it is signed for and paid for.

No chasing clients or missed phone calls.