Has anyone ever

heard of Canadian Pharmacy or had any dealings with them? Thanks, Ken

If they are trying to sell you some viagra, be careful… :slight_smile:
Happy Thanksgiving

This on-line firm is open 24 hours a day and claim that they’ll beat any on-line competitors price.

I get my Methodone from here.laugh31.gif


Stay away from the porn sites and you won’t get that kind of mail!!! Shame on you Ken. Don’t forget to erase your history of sites visited before your wife uses the computer.

If you post your email on the internet, you will get this kind of mail.

Funny that you mention porn, I was searching for Life insurance info, then I got flooded with email from porn sites and everything else but insurance, my medicines are about $600 a week, so I am open to the idea of saving money. 1 script is over $380 and when I went to Canada, I tried to buy it there because it was only $52, but they said no. What were you guys looking for?