Has anyone seen one of these ?

We came across this old heater at our inspection today. We’re trying to find some info about it. It’s in Manatee county Florida. No fan or thermostat. It’a made by Pioneer Furnace Company. I can’t find anything about them except a lawsuit against them for carbon monoxide illnesses. It’s gas with no fan and it is vented. The house was built in 1958 or 1959. Here’s a pic.

Picture 034.jpg

Looks like an older gas wall space heater. Use to be quite common. Recommend upgrading and review by haeting contractor.

Ditto what Claude said.

they still make these units. usualy installed in seasonal homes for cooler mornings and nights. not a year round heat source up here.

Thanks for the info. This was my first inspection in Florida. I’m from Pennsylvania and these are apparently rare in Pa. This is the primary heat source in this house so I was a little concerned. There’s two units in the house. One has a 1-10 thermostat on the unit and the other has no thermostat at all. Just on or off ( I’ll make note of that on the report ). If they fall asleep when it’s in the on position they’ll wake up pretty toasty. :mrgreen:

seeings how it’s in Fl. i’d guess it’s only used in the winter (if that’s what you want to call it) and on chilly morning or evenings. test it, note it, recommend a carbon monoxide detector (if they don’t already have 'em), and have a nice day.