Has anyone tried this?

While researching sewer scope training, I came across this web site

This is their statement:
This is the only online course that allows you to become an InterNACHI Certified Sewer Scope Inspector and/or Sewer Scope Certified.
And they state that James Krumm is the instructor

Has anyone used this?

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I understand it is a hands on course at the House of Horrors in Boulder taught by James Krumm. I think it is about $500.00.
I don’t know what the link is you posted

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Sorry about that link. The company is called IM - Inspector Mentoring and Training.

I haven’t but I know James Krumm is one of their instructor at InterNACHI…House of Horrors, Peter. Pretty smart from what I hear. :smile:


I see Jim teaching it at the House of Horrors in Boulder from time to time. They have about 60 feet of ABS sewer pipe installed for practicing sewer scope. Jim teaches various things for InterNACHI and he’s done some videos with them.
He’s had 8-10 guys in the class when I’ve been there.

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