Has anyone used Recallchek?

Has anyone tried using Recallchek? and if so what is your opinion of their service? Do you feel the service is a helpful selling tool in your marketing campaign or when you are booking business?

I am considering adding the service to be included in my inspections, but would love to hear some feedback from fellow Nachi members first.

Nope… I normally just go to the CPSC site, and a quick Google search.

What is it?

It’s a service company that you submit the serial numbers of home appliances to, they then do a search and provide a report on any possible recalls along with the procedures to fix.

Thats about all I know…other than they have been emailing me a lot lately with their sales campaign propaganda.

They claim to have over 2500 Home inspection businesses as clients, so I thought I would ask around to get some feedback on them.

Here is their link; http://www.recallchek.com/

A somewhat weak website in my opinion.

I do what Jeff does, CPSC. I explain to my clients that I cannot possibly find every recall that exists, and they all understand that. I do provide a link in my report for them to view if they have concerns though. I would not pay money to a company to do this type of thing for me, I just don’t see how it would add much value to your home inspection.

Exactly, I explain it is a courtesy, cursory check with no guarantees of locating any recall info. I also include a link to any found recall info.

Thanks for your input guys…I agree.

I try to check every appliance for a recall - have found MANY DWs recalled - I use this site: http://www.applianceaid.com/news.html

My clients really like the service. especially when I find a recall.

Actually, it’s quite easy to find every recall that exists because that’s exactly what CPSC is, every recall that exists. In the overall scheme of things at the CPSC, recalls that we as home inspectors are concerned with are actually quite few, but then I’m sure that my definition of “quite few” is far different from others since I have voice recognition software.

Recallcheck probably does exactly what I do, and I have no problem telling anyone that I can find any recall relating to real estate that has been issued by the CPSC. However, why rely on a middle man like recallcheck, which probably charges you, when you can do it easily yourself?

So what if you missed a recall? What kind of liability would be involved? Am I to assume if the CPSC does not list it then it’s safe to say a item has no recalls?

It is so easy not to miss a recall because if the CPSC does not list it, then it’s safe to say a item has no recalls. And the CPSC web site is soooooooooo easy to use.

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Everyone wants to make a dollar.

I want to thank all of my competitors that aren’t using RecallChek. I have been doing reports for every one of my clients since February twelfth, free with a full home inspection. It’s cheap- $7, and they do so much more than I used to do with the CPSC. I have seen a couple guys say they are doing CPSC searches and that they can find “every recall easily,” and they are completely full of it.

Here’s the deal: Tell your next client that you check every major home appliance for Recalls, utilizing a third party that guarantees they will find any outstanding recalls in the home. They will call the next guy and ask him if he does it, and you get the inspection.

I don’t know about the 2500 inspectors, but I personally know about 150 inspection companies that are doing it on every full inspection. They are all part of a coaching group I belong to, and every single one of them is giving it raving reviews.

OK you sold me, I’m going to research it.

Why not just put this in your agreement:

" **WE do not attempt to identify recalled systems or components." **

Yes I offer it with every inspection. My agents think its great and my clients do also. It is a great selling tool,and has helped three of my clients allready. I get them involved with the inspection and have them wright down the info if they dont mind. While I am doing the inspection I take pictures of all the appliances model and serial numbers anyway.

Jim Malvesto
Home Inspections

Their site seem to be a little short on the business details. Like how much it costs, are there any package deals or is it a per use charge?

Now lets get to the idea that bugs me about the program. You have to sign an agreement that if you are a part of this that you cannot compete with any other services Nathan offers.

I never sign no compete agreements with third parties. I have no idea where life is going to take me and I think its crazy they make you do this. I thought it was a great idea, and then the ‘agreement’ was introduced. That ruined it for me.

Usually for a non-compete clause to be enforceable there must be consideration given.