Haunted House

I shot this ceiling return in a house that was built in 1880. The blue mass in the center of the grill was swirling and moving. I shoot these returns all the time and have never seen anything like it. Any ideas?


Someone passed gas , Strange indeed

That’s cool! (provided that you really DON’T know what it is-and are just yanking our chains).
I have a friend that’s a ghost hunter, they use infrared I think - I’ll see if they have seen anything like it.
He always likes to check my house pictures for any images I may pick up accidentally.

Clogged air duct??

Was there a bee hive in the wall?

Under the right condition, this phenomenon will show up on return
air grills. Very amazing to watch as the surface temperature of
the grill is affected by the air flowing over it.

If you have a camera that has video capabilities, this is very cool to watch happen and it impresses the clients. If the ceiling return has a filter that is dirty, it really makes for a cool image.

The next time I shoot one, I will record it and post it here.


I see this often when I shoot return vents. Hope it is not ghosts because it shows up in my own house!

Here’s a short video of one that is partially clogged up.


Thanks, Jeff! You beat me to it :slight_smile:

Nice video.


Dang - that figures - I’ll have to start a thread sometime about pics of orbs and other apparitions I’ve caught.

Got a few myself! In fact, I inspected a home the other day that was on one of those ghost shows! I did not catch anything but saw a picture of the image they caught in the window shooting from the back yard. I took a shot of the photo itself and it turned out pretty good. I guess the name of the lady (ghost) was Martha!


Funny - I made mention of this condition a couple years ago and was painted as “ignorant” for claiming to observe this type of condition with my IR cam, which is actually a very common condition at the return-air vent. :smiley:

This vent had a clogged filter too. It likely has something to do with the low pressure on the back side of the filter causing water vapor to condense in the air as it passes through.

Well, that’s silly.

Who would paint that type of picture of you? :shock:

You’ve always been spot on with your advice.

I’m just happy to see we’ve progressed :wink:

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