Interesting image

Now thermographers, please wait to answer.
For all others interested in IR, but have not had the training yet can you explain what you are seeing? What’s going on? What happened?


CSI: Houston!

I already tried on FB, but then I wonder if the roof was leaking and with water following the least path of resistance and is leaking through the fan and spattering the walls while it is on. Which can lead to mildew and mould issues.

At first I thought they didn’t return the insulation when they wired in the fan.

Hmmm… perhaps someone with a Flir One can help us out?

Nice. And as they say the answer is right there in front of you.

is this another where’s Waldo puzzle? it appears he don’t know what’s happening. He want our advice.

Good one!

I think the bottom photo is Mark Fuhrman looking for the black glove…

All I hear is crickets…

Hi, I’ll take a guess:

The blue dripping spots on the plant and wall are a reflection from the window which is getting water on from a sprinkler on that hot day.

The heat above the fan is heat reflected from the sunlights on the glass table.

Probably way off but someone’s got to try. Can’t wait to get the answer.


Well it sure hit the fan!

The only reflection is the helper standing in front of the slider.

So what’s your answer?

I wouldn’t say anything without backing up with other instruments, but the image would lead one to consider evidence of a leak above the ceiling and window which is draining into the ceiling fan and getting sprayed around the room. The reflection could be the client;-) Can’t wait to further my education with IR!:smiley:

Will asked me to wait.

Nice images Will;

Was the visible light image taken prior to the event?

It looks like a warn day outside in the picture. The A/C is cooling the inside.
The orange strip in the ceiling, is missing insulation in a warm attic.

The third photo looks like you have a zombie.

Clearly you have moisture spray over the room from the fan, but the void in the ceiling is hotter than the room.

If you had that much hot water in the joists then the ceiling would likely have caved in before you got there.

So I am assuming that is an attic and there is not insulation. The AC air is leaking through and causing condensation in the attic and that is coming back onto the fan?

I would still look into that Zombie though…

Seemingly not enough information from someone who most likely has all of the information required to make an informed observation, yet apparently has chosen to not include all relevant information. I just love these posts. and then not reply to subsequent posts. :neutral:

Sam, you got it right.

As far a replying to subsequent posts, just check the time at which I posted the original post. After, well, I was off to work and have been slammed since then. so, please forgive me if I have not taken the time to come back to this and answer. Furthermore, for whatever reason, I did not get the email notifications when people replied. Anywho…

To answer all the questions.
Peter: The visible light image is the same as the IR image. The testo camera take both at the same time.

The answer is there is bathtub right over the ceiling fan.
The hot spot in the ceiling is hot water draining into the ceiling (the image was taken about 2 minutes after the deficiency was observed by the sellers/flippers who were on the couch and starting getting sprayed by the ceiling fan.
You can actually see hot water starting run down in the wall right over the window. The hot spot in the ceiling has a thermal pattern that is consistent (in my experience) with water flow and not air flow such as a leaking heat duct.
The hot water dripped onto the ceiling fan which then sprayed the rest of the living room walls, window, floors, people sitting there. The distance the water drops travelled and landed on wall, plus the cooling effect of the fan was enough to reduce their temperature and this is why the spray appears cold while the ceiling is full of hot water.
The reflection in the window is the seller/flipper.

So, all the elements in the image where there to determine everything about this image. The reason why some would think the contrary is because of the lack of education. This last comment is not geared towards anybody, but just a general statement. This is the reason why you will hear from many to get the education before you buy a camera. Once you have the education, you will be a better understanding what the possibilities and limits of the cameras and you will be able to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Happy Sunday Y’All!