Haven't seen this before

This may be a common way to do a valley elsewhere but I’ve never seen it here. Any one else? They ran a course of shingles up the valley–made a nice straight line–and then ran the horizontal shingles over that. Is normal in other parts of the country? Not sure I like the idea.

Appears to be a version of what this site calls a “Long Island” valley


Very common



It’s covered (including photos and info on construction and how to recognize it) in the InterNACHI Mastering Roof Inspection article series at http://www.nachi.org/asphalt-comp-shingles-part23-77.htm

Thanks guys. The roofer is new to the area and he’s from Illinois. Interesting concept. Might catch on here.

Which is one of the few trades (roofing contractor) you must have a license to operate in Illinois.

This is a woven.
Vallies 101. http://www.roofer911.com/roofing-articles/roofing-valleys.htm
This style of valley wares fast in clod climits. It is more prone to leakage. Metal vallies are the now.
A well installed and insulated shingle roof is your first line of defince to weather infultration and energy savings.:slight_smile:
I have seen 35-40 year old shingle roofs.
The biggest longevaty problem is slope and the suns UV rays. Tree branches are number 2.

Its called a no cut valley around here…


The visible straight line gives it away right Marcel.:smiley:
No cut is a woven valley. I think Robert V knows this he just did not see the line.

Yes my eyes where bad.
The link explained
**Closed-Cut and Long Island Roof Valleys **

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Great work.