not quite right

you guys see many valleys like this>

It called a California cut valley. Very typical around here. I see no issue with it. Generally the cut is made of the larger area of the roof. A small bead of sealant should be under the cut.

Thanks Greg, I don’t see very many in S Fl.

Very common in Central Florida.

Yes even if it does not look straight you should not make any issue unless you see evidence of leakage.


“NRCA does not recommend a closed cut California valley construction in climates that experience snow loads or heavy rainfall (in terms of frequency or intensity) or in locations that are exposed to accumulation of debris, such as leaves and other natural elements.” (end of quote)

( Tom Barlow is NRCA’s senior director of technical services )

There ya go Kevin, chew this one up as usual.

He is in Florida and you are correct Bryce. I have seen this on Cabins and don’t recommend it here in Ontario.

Heavy rain here…very heavy at times

We can’t relate to that here Russel. I still would not mention a problem with it if there was no visible damage recorded in the attic. It is however a problem in Cabin areas neglected at least I found some.

I can’t tell from the photos if it’s a closed cut or California cut. Closed cut is recommended, California cut is not recommended.
I write up California cut valleys as not being a commonly accepted method in our local industry and note that it may be more prone to leaking more than other methods.

Thanks guys, No issues found, I just don’t see many this far south

Reece , Another pic

Never saw one like that. What makes it different from a closed cut? The fact that it’s off the valley?
This is the normal type of install in my area, it’s basically replaced the woven valley.

**Closed-Cut and Long Island Roof Valleys

**California Valley

This shows the difference between a closed cut and california cut.

Personally I prefer metal valleys because of their longevity. Closed cut work well but a lot of roofers don’t cut the correct side of the valley. Woven is just difficult to execute cleanly.

I would also agree.