Heat Controller, Inc Furnace & A/C Unit

Can someone tell me how to decipher the age of a Heat Controller, Inc. Split System Force Air Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit. Your assistance would be most appreciative.
Thank You!

This is what I have, Patrick:

Heat Controller Inc.
The first # is the plant, the 2nd and 3rd are the year, and the following two are the month.

I see a lot of concern over exact year of mfg for equipment. I don’t understand why the the need if you can easily estimate the year by type of install and controls. But if you really must know, then take a look at a control module. It usually has the date and version stamped or tagged on it. If there is no control module then it’s a pretty safe bet it doesn’t owe the owner much.

Looking to confirm age of furnace. Label details:

Mfr. for Heat Controller
P.O. Box 1089
Jackson, MI 49204

MOD G5H 100 T4ND
SER 880926236

Thank you in advance.