Heat Exchanger Question

Well, here it all is.
Air conditioner - check
Furnace - check
Heat exchanger on the furnace has a 99 year warranty, cool!


Based on the warranty info is cool. Run that AC number through Trane and see what comes up. Not in their system which through me off…

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I am not sure what else there is to run. Unless you do a warranty look-up which will look just like that piece of paper.

Thomas AC.pdf (737.9 KB)
Thomas coil unit.pdf (463.7 KB)

Seller was mis-informed or misunderstood what they were purchasing. Or provide specific documentation indicating they bought a heat-pump (which they would have had to converted the outside unit).

Personally, I would report it as we have described it and let them sort it out :wink:


I don’t understand Thomas’ confusion. This is simply a HVAC unit, same as any other, that all included a heat exchanger within.
Me’thinks he needs to stop trying to read clients minds and refer them to the appropriate person(s) for answers!

That is what I did. My original question was can a heat exchanger provide heat without any other source of heat. Heat pump, gas furnace…

Nice furnace btw.

Thomas furnace.pdf (802.1 KB)

Already did that JJ…just trying to learn for myself without any help from you… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A ‘Furnace Heat Exchanger’ is a component of the furnace, and cannot operate without an operable furnace.

That would be magical. So…my answer is


Just a question …Fuck off…

I literally spent two hours helping you the best I know how to include trying to decipher what an ill-informed seller might be trying to convey to the buyer. So in good faith I will assume that was not directed at me. If it was…well shit.


I spent more time in trying to figure out the model number or if the unit played into whether it was an alternative energy source or not. I found nothing from their site…or here.

Tell the seller and buyer they have a central air conditioner for cooling the home. And a gas furnace for heating the home, the two work completely independently of one another. The only thing they have in common is the blower. The outside conditioning unit will not provide any heat to the home


I’ve explained that already. The client keeps bringing up what the “sellers” said. I just referred it on. The original question was for my own learning until some ass wipes poked their noses in.

I gave you the information straight from the manufacturer in black and white for that specific model. Something I do almost daily. Don’t trust me as a source, fine. But to say you found nothing here is a joke. It was all laid out.

And to be honest, the question was fouled because the seller had bad information and we had to work thru that. Of course a heat-exchanger cannot work without a fuel source, so we kept trying to decipher that BS.

You do not have to be appreciative, I do not care at this point. But I find it amusing the meme king could not accept a bit of light hearted humor at the end. Peace and go Dawgs.


I’m sure it was targeted at me.
Thomas loves to throw shit out of the trees like a monkey, but can’t handle it coming back at him!


So be it. I can read the sign language!!

I appreciate the “Go Dawgs.”

Same here JJ! Love you Bro!!

Whatever dude…you’re really showing your ass. Maybe tomorrow you will wake up and realize what a toddler you have been.


Spot on!!

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