Heat Pump Inspecting

Just looking for some feedback on the issue of running a heat pump in both the cooling & heating mode, during a single 2-3 hour inspection. I have gotten conflicting answers from both HVAC tech’s and fellow home inspectors.

I just test one or the other depending what season. Always test the emergency/main heat source.

It runs itself in both heat and cooling on the same day (aprox 45 min) whether you want it to or not…

As DA stated it operates on its own both normal heat and normal cool when ever the stat is set for heat. The defrost cycle for a heat pump is simply reversing the refrigerant flow back to cooling and it does that automatically without any help from a HI;-)

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LOL well there you go another Myth busted

And regardless of testing normal heat pump modes always test the Emer or Aux heat as well for basic function.

Dumb question: What exactly are you looking for in the test? Minimum temperature from the heat pump (of 110 degrees farenheit) is adequate?

Yesterday tested (delta T) a dual-zone heat pump system in “Heat mode” with 119 degrees Farenheit (1st floor) and then in “Cool mode” with 65 at the supply and 76 at the return (2nd floor). I’m not concerned about the heat but the cool air differential was concerning. Thoughts?

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Well that is not a dumb question, but doing Delta T testing with a thermometer is…

Below was the weather for “yesterday” when you did the test.

The temperature never got over 64F.
That is too cold for the condenser to work properly.
The low temp causes low refrigerant pressure causing the metering device to starve the evaporator. Thus a low TD.

Get it?