Heat Pump Testing

What is the proper way to test for a heat pump below 65F outside and above? I’ve seen answers all over the board and just wanted to see what the most common method of testing and inspection are for these.

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It is a heat pump built to heat a home and cool a home designed to work in all weathers.
Just turn it on and test as per usual.

Roy he says he has heard answers all over the board. I am interested also what would be acceptable in KS. Not sure why you think I would be looking for a fight.
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I thought it was just a simple question, best way to test a heat pump. Wasn’t trying to instigate anything.

This might help a little Devereaux.

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Anybody can turn on a thermostat…

Heat pump is designed to operate in cold weather by means of a crank case heater for the compressor and a accumilator on the vapor side to prevent slugging. Keep in mind what a HP does to defrost the exterior coil , it simply reverses flow by changing to the cooling mode thru the control board.

To make a short story out of your question it makes no difference what the outside ambient is winter or summer to operate a HP just do it

You already said this in the thread I provided. BTW that was over 6 years ago Charley and it still applies today.


Here is How

Try the search feature here. This has been addressed several times in the past.

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I have been testing heat pumps in both modes regardless of weather thanks to you.

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Where did all the hoopla come from where the temp differential is great it would damage the unit.

Was it in times past where you may do damage and this thought is still carried over today?

I really don’t know !

It was along time back before heaters had a crank case.:mrgreen::wink:

15 years ago we where taught that AC units should not be tested if it was below 45°F .

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Do you know why ?

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I do not think they had a crank case heater in the AC back then .