A loaded question

BE honest how many of you guys while inspecting a vacant house in the summer time and when you enter the home it is 90+ degrees inside and the A/C is turned off at the thermostat the first thing you do is turn on the A/C to start the cooling down process while you are inspecting the interior. A yes or no answer is sufficient

Maybe, it depends.:mrgreen:

Sometimes, but not normally.

Ok 18 views and only 2 people would venture a answer I take it that 16 don’t know if they start the A/C or not;-);-):smiley:

They’re afraid of you Charley! :wink:

I do. If it off at the thermostat and the breaker is in the on position, then most likely that the crankcase heater has been on and no damage will occur. Is that what you are getting at or is there something more to your question.

It’s not the first thing I do, but I do turn on AC at 90 plus temp.

YES In consideration of the above.

Now we are getting somewhere I don’t really care when you turn it on just want to know if you do turn it on with a indoor ambient of 90+

Please explain I don’t understand that word its not in my vocabulary:D:D;-)

Yes at the thermostat … Roy

How can you damage the compressor with an outdoor ambient of 90 degrees even if the unit had no crankcase heater and most conventional A/C units don’t have

Famous last words

Are you playing the game or just talk as usual all I asked for was a yes or no:D:D I was not asking for yous to give up your first born child

Yes, and if not, why not. A/c pretty simple up here. More important to know if the Furnance comes on. Right about now too!!:mrgreen:

If its hot and its a repo it wont work half the time anyway.

I am making a list and checking it twice see and answer loaded question # 2

First i check to see if the condenser is still intact outside. Then i turn it on lol ( we have a lot of thefts .)

There is no difference in operating the A/C unit with a indoor ambient of 90 degrees and operating a heat pump in the heat mode with an outdoor ambient of 90 degrees you get the same results. So when someone tells me they don’t operate a heat pump in the summer time in the heat mode even for just a test they basically don’t understand the refrigerant cycle

Thanks Charley. Not to many heat pumps around here, but if I come across one, will turn it on to see if it works. :slight_smile: