Heat Pump water heaters

New product.

Thought I would share.

There was one condo complex here that used heat pumps similar to this one. The units were installed in the garages and a nice side effect was the cooling down of the garage air.


Interesting. Thx David.

This product qualifies for a full tax credit. They stated payback is 2-3 years. If I remember I will post the archive of the Rheem rep. speaking on a local talk show.

My tank is close to needing replacing and this may be a good way to go.
I have reduced my gas bills from $175 a month to $35. My electric has stayed the same.

With this my only gas consumption would be stove and high efficiency furnace. (I have a heat pump) Still bummed I did not recieve any tax incentives. Bought last October.

I just replaced my 1992 gas water heater two days ago. I would have liked to check this one out… maybe in another 17 years :stuck_out_tongue: