Water heaters

One more question for you guys:) . I’ve decided against the tankless heaters at this time. Can’t really afford the cost. I was going to get a Whirlpool at Lowes but a good search on the internet showed me that wouldn’t be a good choice. Too many problems and I don’t know if they have gotten any better. Anyway I called a few plumbing supply places and the locals carry Rheem, Rudd and A.O.Smith. I need a 40 gallon, high efficiency is a plus but not a neccesity. The self cleaning type would be a good plus. I have looked at the models on the websites but it’s all starting to get confusing. Can anybody give me some models to look at from these brands? Thanks. Oh, almost forgot, natural gas.

As a rule, you get what you pay for. Buy most any of them and DO THE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE to get your best return on investment.