Heat pump

Anyone ever see a heat pump pull a steady 80 amps. I had a client this week that wanted to find the scource of $760.00 power bill for none month. Funny thing is they were out of town for that month

Did you measure the current or heard about it from someone else?
Usually these high power bill issues are a stuck contactor causing the compressor to run 24/7 at around 10 to 12 amps.

$760 at 10 cents per kwh is 80A (240V) for about 16 days.

What is the cost per kwh there? I hear its more than this area, we pay around 7.5 to 8 depending on your rate plan.

Got any more information?
Steady Amp Draw means nothing to me.

What and hoe did you test?

Sounds like the electric heat elements are also on at the same time ???

The defrost cycle turns the emergency heat on it could have something to do with that what area of the country are you in? We’ve had conditions in the Midwest that have cause excessive frost on heatpumps creating more defrost cycles than normal…

SOunds like he needs to call an hvac guy instead of calling you.

The compressor never cycled on. I personal measured 80 amps at the main breaker, which by the way was not an approved type for the panel. I also heard a loud humming from this breaker. All four heat coils all operating. the rental tennant called because Slumlord wanted to send a handi-man to check on the house, nobody really knew why the utillity bill was so high. I found a pile of burned up coil solenoids in the bottom of the unit. Using an IR camera 3 solenoids averaged 99 fahrenheit 1 solenoid averaged 153 fahrenheit. Tripple tapping was observed at the internal heat pump breakers, all wiring had become loose and terminals were black and oxidized. 2 disconnects were rigged on the outside of the unit and double tapping was observed at disconnect lugs. The outside temperature on this day was 23*fahrenheit. Roy i agree heat coils are racking the bill. I did recommend further evaluation by a certified HVAC contractor not the local handi-man.