Heat pump

Anyone have a heat pump paragraph for a report to share? Thank you.

This may not be what your looking for ,but it may help.

The home is equipped with a 2002 Armstrong 3 ton electric, forced air heat pump system.
The air conditioning appeared to be operating properly at the time of the inspection. In the A/C mode the supply air was 44.2 return air was 60.2 The suction and liquid lines appeared to have the proper temperatures. The system is equipped with disconnects.
The heat was not tested due to the high ambient air temperature.
Drain lines should be checked periodically to ensure proper functioning (i.e. when serviced).
The exposed and accessible flex and duct board type duct work was visually inspected only and found to be in satisfactory condition. All registers and returns were operational. The duct work should be periodically inspected to check the vapor barrier and prevent leakage of warm or cool air from the system. An installed heating and cooling source was noted in all rooms.

That’s a cold house! :slight_smile:

That’s at the grills.
Just a 16 point spread.
I turn the temp real low about 45 min to an hour before I test it.