Heatilator Gas Fireplace

Heatilator Gas Fireplace (Direct Vent) installed in a Basement (sub grade application).

Vent pipe terminates at the rear foundation wall of the home.

After Construction, a Deck was installed…


12 inch clearence under porch or deck.Hmm.
see page 13

How is the measurement calculated (12 inch clearance) Framing or Decking.?

Suggestions for repair to improve clearances?

Let the wood burn back 12" then put the fire out.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Deck , is same as a porch and the diagram shows you measure from the top
of that V frame.
Also you need 12 inches below.
What is that below the direct vent as it almost looks like a window well.
I know it is not , but what is it?


If it was me doing the report I would say it is a poor installation method, you have the heat melting snow, ice build-up when turned off, drying the wood decking, and if someone happens to be sitting outside when it’s being used on top of the make-shift flue, well you know the rest of the story.

I cannot see the whole picture as to what could be done to divert the termination point, but I think I would recommend a qualified fireplace/chimney specialist take a look at it to take the burden off my a$$.

Simply a poor set-up no matter how you look at it in my opinion.

Good Catch…!!

Vent Well?

The well beneath was originally installed (prior to deck installation) to provide the minimum required distance below the vent termination.

Overall installation is Poor. The question now is how to repair it without removing the Porch / Deck.

just a thought



post this at the deck elevation

First, I’d advise your Client to ask that the seller call the AHJ to determine if this installation was inspected, and if it was, I’d make sure that AHJ inspector has been fired or retired, and no longer near the construction industry.

Secondly, I’d call the General Contractor who performed the work, and ask him what his plans were to correct the problem.

Thirdly, if that is an A/C unit next to the vent, under the same decking, that’s going to be a major problem too.

Fourthly, whoever came up with the grate/footwarmer vent through the wood decking should probably get a pat on the back for ingenuity, right after someone gives him a swift kick in the a$$.

More importantly, don’t stop looking around for other problems, because this could be a sign of other things to come.

IMHO…Good Luck

Unfortunately Pennsylvania did not have Building Codes when this was installed. (prior to 2005)

Permits and Inspections also were not required.

Contractors (GC, Carpenter, Electrician, HVAC, etc…) were, at time of construction, and continue to be Unlicensed Occupations in the State of PA.

We still have spot areas (Counties) within Ga. that still have no Insp./Permit requirements, but business licensing on a county level is everywhere, and the State has, and enforces the latest IRC/IBC 2006, if called in to inspect. Although Building Contractors aren’t licenced yet, they will be as of 1/1/08. Our industry will probably be licensed by the end of 2008, if what I have heard comes true.

Greg already caught the AC condenser unit under the deck. That is real stoopid. Good luck trying to do any work on it or better yet, change out a compressor, not to mention the extremely pi$$ poor efficiency due to restricted air flow. Must be kind of loud sitting on the deck in the summer.