gas fireplace vent?

Never seen this before. Manufacturers installation instructions not available. Older gas fireplace possibly 25 to 35 years. Vent goes down into the finished basement. I recommended evaluation for proper installation by qualified HVAC technician. Just curious if anyone has seen an installation below the unit?

I’m thinking snow would be an issue with that installation here…

A definite possibility and should have a 12 inch clearance. My concern is the ‘down’ venting of the exhaust?

Carbon monoxide issues due to snow blockage. Down venting is a problem, possible burns potential for kids, possible siding melting issues.
The worst part is all that sharpie markings all over the siding, ha ha…
You’re right to have further eval…

Never seen a fireplace vent downward. Needs further evaluation by a mechanical contractor.

Thanks for the verification.

Looks too close to that one Openable basement window. I know mfg requirements are different but since this is an older unit, I would think its probably not designed to be as close to openable windows as more current mfg units are