Hello all, looking for some guidance Old sewer pipe?

I found this on an inspection. Looking to see if anyone has come across this before. The drain pioe comes out of the foundation and then pipe goes under slab. There is a clean out in front of it. I think someone mentioned It might be an abandoned weeping tile system going to sewer line? Was wondering if anyone else came across something like it?

If it’s likely to be connected to the sewer the open end needs to be capped (you may be able to tell, by listening at the opening while someone flushes the nearest toilet).

In my city those were connected to the gutters and tied the storm and waste system as one. Local AHJ doesn’t just want a cap, they make them be mortared closed.

YMMV depending on location.

This is for Cincinnati: https://library.municode.com/oh/cincinnati/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TITXICIBUCO_CH1105PLCO

Thanks that Is a great tip to flush the toilet!

House trap for the cesspool/septic with air inlet, you don’t cap it, it needs a grate cover.

YMMV? Really? Is everybody here ex military?