Hello all, new inspector here. Tap Inspect?

Hello all,
new inspector here with a question for anyone using the app Tap Inspect. Is this system working for you ?

I’m in the process of dialing in the template and comment fields. The one thing that I have not figured out yet is how to search the comment field in a useful way. If I’m in the area of say plumbing and want to search for all possible plumbing comments and type the word plumbing into the field not all possible plumbing comments will be shown. I guess at this point I’m just not sure what key words to use in the search field.

Also anyone want to share some completed reports with names / address blocked out just to get the hang of how the template is suppose to flow.

Yes I have contacted there tech support, with some help.

Im not at the point of shelling out $100. / month. But maybe in the future

Ok I think that I figured out the search field for comments, for my example above the word electrical needs to be within the comment so I just added in the word electrical into the saved comment and now that item will be shown when searching for that comment. Progress.


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Welcome Brook!

I’ve used Tap Inspect from day one and like their format and the end visual report. I have not created any “canned” narratives for the library because I use manual narratives to be specified to each inspection. Has worked for me so far, but maybe not the most in time efficiency, in which I prefer to be thorough and I do not rush my reports.

Plus, I buy the reports in lots. Rather do it that way than a monthly, especially when the market went South this year.

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Thanks for your input, it all helps.

Like Thomas I have been using TapInspect since day one. When you are searching for a comment try to stay away from generic terms, such as plumbing. Use something more specific.

I have 400 custom comments that I have saved. It’s very easy to navigate and set up for your flow of work. I’m a full time inspector so it’s much cheaper for me buy the monthly subscription. When you are just starting out it’s less expensive to pay as you go.


Just dropped in to say hello to Brook Taylor and welcome Brook to the InterNACHI community.
Wishing you the very best.
Best regards.
Robert Young

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Thanks for sharing your experience with tap inspect, Im working through it slowly.

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Thank you