Still writing reports

Ok guys i admit it I am a dinosaur I am still writing reports by hand and dont want to anymore. Just bought an ipad the newest version. I read alot of your guys opinions. I dont do many pages so the tapinspect looked good. Any of you guys use this it looks good for about five dollars a report thanks

You are going to pay $1,000 or more every year for that?

Get Android and HIP .
If read opinions you already know i pad is not a great option for reports.

I wanted to use apple for a change. Are reports free with android?

I have an Ipad and I use Home Report pro aka Inspectit Home report. It was like 400 dollars and then you own the rights so you never pay for an inspection report again. I have never had any problems with it. Everyone here preaches HIP though.

Thanks Juan I will try it

You can make HIP into any format you want.
Duplicate what you have been doing all these years and you have an electronic version.

When you find that this type of reporting really is not what your client wants, you can change it ( as you need it) at no additional charge and come out of the dark ages… :wink:

Don’t become a slave to your computer.
It should work for you.

Thanks for the info, I like the one time fee idea, believe it or not writting reports has been costing me well over 4k a year in materials plus the knot on my finger is getting quite large. tapinspect at 5 dollars a report is a great savings but im not signed up yet, I will try the others

Just duplicate your forms in an existing program and then use the Ipad. I don’t know what programs the Ipad has, but I know the Androids have an office reader/editor.

4k/year? HIP is in the $100s and its a one time fee.