Help/advice on flat roof / building envelope scan


I am working on putting a proposal together to do an inspection of 2 condominium buildings, one 12 unit two story building and one 16 three story unit building.

(back story, attempting to be concise. We are open to opinions)
The HOA President was referred to us via a realtor we’ve worked with. Initially he expressed concerns with the buildings roof, parapet walls and siding. After talking with him yesterday I found out they have had several small leaks develop with their roof, a couple contractors have told them replace the whole thing, other guys saying make specific repairs.

They would like to bring us in to get their own unbiased opinion. Initially he was asking about having me conduct a typical visual inspection and provide my opinion. However after explaining to him the potential benefit of having me do a IR scan they would like us to submit a proposal.

SO here I am looking for insight on how to price and break down this sort of job as it is new waters for us. We bought proposal templates from Infraspection to help but pricing is foreign to me here.

I am wondering 1) how to price the scans of the roof tops; 2) how to price a building envelope scan 3) if it’s feasible to think i could do both building and roofs in 1 work day

I have until early next week to put this together. Thank you


So far you have not posted anything pertinent in determining a proposal on this job.

Do you have the training to take this on if you don’t know what is needed to determine a proposal? Just because Thermal Imaging can be used in this process does not mean all camera owners can do it.

How about you posting your proposal and process, and we will comment on it.

How you are going to do it, and what you are providing the client has everything to do with what it costs.

Dear Kyle:

In order to prepare a quotation for your client, you will need to obtain the following information:

  • Roof size in square feet
  • Membrane type (built-up, single-ply, modified bitumen)
  • Smooth surfaced or gravel surfaced
  • If gravel surfaced, are stones pea sized or walnut sized
  • Number of discrete roof areas separated by a level change, parapet wall, or expansion joint

Once you have this information, you are welcome to contact me directly and I will be happy to assist you.

Since you have already purchased the Infraspection Proposal Template for Infrared Inspection of Insulated Roofs, this should only take a few minutes of your time.

Also, what do they want from the report?

Just pictures.
Marked roof.
CAD Drawing.

Their goal is to determine repair vs. replacement. How is your report going to facilitate their request/needs? It can be the difference between hours and days on the job.

Be sure you can accomplish what is expected from you.

Would an IR scan of a roof be better than a contractor review of whether the roof(s) need(s) replacing? Yes, it could quantify and locate leaks. I could see it being supplemental. Just curious why the IR would be the preferred method of inspection for the condition of a roof, parapet, siding. Is it to possibly save money by just doing specific repairs?

Yes. To answer your last question. The information provided can potentially save a lot of money for the client. Minor repair vs total replacement depending on findings. A visual inspection is obviously limited in some ways that an infrared scan is not.