Help for industry vendors is coming soon.

Nick, didn’t you post earlier in this thread in response to James that Nachi doesn’t take a penny from vendors??? I don’t get it…:frowning:

Oh Kenton makes money because he has zero costs. When $99 comes in he keeps the entire $49.50. InterNACHI has the costs out of its $49.50.

We have straight commission sales people here and they won’t even pick up the phone unless they have a shot at making $30/unit… simply because they have to make an hour’s worth of calls to get a sale.

If I bring them a low ticket item with a 25% commsission, they won’t even try to sell it. No money in it for them.

jvogan: I don’t see such a response by me or Jim on that matter. Where do you see that? Post it in a quote here.

There is the key.

“if you can get it”…

Everyone has a choice to accept or disagree to any terms.
No damage done. No harm done. No problem.

I know someone who will give you 25% for selling their low
ticket item. I doubt you want it either. No harm done.


Let’s be fair here.

Nick is saying that vendors get free exposure on “The Mall

They have to pay for the “boiler room services”. :wink:

I know it’s hard to understand Nickspeak at times.

Takes practice.

And for the record, and Nick knows this, I’m not against us charging vendors for advertising, or anything else. We should have banner ads, and be up front about what they cost. Hell, Joe Farsetta and I were all over trying to get Nick to put ads on the site. All vendors should be charged a monetary figure to do business as they are at any other trade association.

I just bristle at the way it was handled as presented by Jim, and I don’t ever want the association to have a pay for play preferred vendor list.

Someone has to pay them.

I am in agreement with that. It’s not a welfare operation.

Me too!

I’m glad the vendor came on and publicly explained the 3 main points:

  1. The 25% was only on NEW business that InterNACHI pays for.
  2. All the sales and marketing costs to generate it would be InterNACHI’s solely.
  3. The deal was rejected by InterNACHI.

Nick, Michael and I both posted your quote…

No harm done. Issue closed.

It’s their payments to you…Nick.

You deleted the thread, but I will refresh your memory.

The vendor was contacted by your representative who, under your authority, told the vendor that he must pay you cash.

Not a discount to the membership. Cash, to you.

In exchange for this cash, you would agree not to duplicate his services and pay it to the membership for free, thus harming his business.

After a series of half-truths and tricky denials…your responses were parsed and…little by little…you eventually admitted that you took this money from vendors.

After admitting that you took the money from the vendors, you then claimed that you used the money to reimburse yourself for the “costs” of all the membership benefits (that you had originally purchased with money from dues).

Now…after deleting the thread…we are back to your original lie.

Who, other than McKenna, do you actually think will fall for this?

Jim writes:

That is totally untue. No vendor has ever paid me a penny. And I’ve never asked a vendor to pay me anything… much less “cash.” And I don’t know of anyone going around demanding vendors pay me anything.

Pure nonsense.

I’m not going to deny this 1,000 times again. It is untrue.

If any payments go to Nick to cover the cost of doing business,
what is the problem? It did not go into Nick’s pocket, it went
into NACHI, to cover cost.

If someone says they can get a better deal somewhere else,
they have a right to say that.

NACHI is not required to take all the offers made to them,
because it might appear they will cause a vendor to go
out of business by saying no.

Grow up man.

Deleting the thread does not erase the memories of those who read - in your own words - how you justified taking this cash from vendors, Nick.

You even shared where the money went.


Good, then let’s start. A banner ad on each page of a web site that has this much traffic should be at least 10k per month.

Each vendor that is a member should pay a flat fee of marketing of $250 per month plus a minimum of 8% and non members pay $400 per month plus 10% of gross sales made through NACHI assets. Fair for all, more money for No pay for play list, no accusations of thuggery, and you don’t have to pay the call people at ProLab.

InterNACHI will NEVER put up a banner ad.

The money from the vendors could/would even pay for annual regional conferences in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest for on site CE and fun!

Nick, you asked for me to quote you, and Michael and I both did…