New Vendor application. Industry vendors can now join InterNACHI.

Vendors will be required to abide by InterNACHI’s Vendor Code of Ethics (coming soon).

Sweet it says vendors have to pay dues. I love it because if that is a fact then I can hold NACHI responsible if one of them does not provide advertised services! Awesome idea, thanks.

Pay to post! :mrgreen:

Yeah, not far from the truth. More like “We have a mechanism to encourage you to play nice.”:mrgreen:

Does this apply to ALL vendors, or just NEW to Nachi vendors???

What will prevent a vendor from applying as an inspector, after they fulfill the 3 minimum requirements to become a Certified Home Inspector?

So you are actually saying minimum requirements
are not stringent enough ?

That applies to the entire association and another subject.

What makes you think there will be no freebie memberships like many regulars here seem to acquire.

Actually you might as well ask for a full list .

So you are saying the vendor section
is actually the ad section.

Nothing. Just like there is nothing stopping their employee or sister from joining 10 seconds after they are banned, which is why it makes no sense to ever ban anyone as it is technically impossible. Might as well banish them to the planet Pluto… we can’t do that either… we don’t own a rocket.

So if a vendor joins as an inspector they will still be able to promote their products anywhere, at any thread, on the message board, correct?

What a load of BS

They certainly can be banned from the members only sections.

And you know those who have been.

No. They can’t. Their account can be banned, but not them. They can just have one of their employees or sister join and they’re back on in real terms. Or they could join as their employee or sister. Or they could join as Capt. Crunch. Keeping someone off our message board is about as technically feasible as sending them to the planet Uranus.

A few easy questions Nick.

  1. If a vendor is also a member will they be required to abide by the new Vendor coe regulations?

  2. Who is going to decide what actions if any will be imposed on a vendor who breaks any of the new COE regulations?

  3. Last question, What will happen to those that do not abide by the new vendor coe ?


Silliest thing you have said this week.

Since membership is not free, it’s hard to imagine someone paying$499 just to be a member secretly.

Happens every day of the week.

So, you know its happening and you know who is doing it.

Next you will be telling us rWand is here in secret.:roll:

Yes. People have different reasons for remaining invisible after joining InterNACHI. For example, all the U.S. HUD officials are members of InterNACHI and are not visible. Members who don’t yet have their licenses in their state are invisible. Etc. There is no technical mechanism to prevent someone from joining. Kim Jong-un could join tonight and if I kicked him out, he could join as his sister tomorrow morning. I can no more technically prevent this than I could rocket him to the planet Mars.

Any reply to theese? Please.


You are assuming that this banned person will continue to spend $499 over and over to sign up as a new person so they can keep posting. How many other people are going to lend them a credit card with a different name so they can pay? And once found out, reports to their Internet provider could cause their internet account to be closed. Smokescreen pure and simple.

At the same time, when someone sees that person up on the NACHI board with “BANNED FOR ETHICS VIOLATIONS”, under their name, well, it sort of takes care of itself.