Help identify please

Can anyone help ID this furnace? I can’t find anything online. I think it’s an old coal burning furnace converted to oil. It is 70 years old. The doors have all been welded or screwed shut and part of the refractory is barely visible through very small holes. Behind the wall is the air handling and heat exchanger.

Redekopp 2 028.jpg

Here you go…

Thanks Joe

What is that link to?
That’s an HVAC service contractor isn’t it?

That looks like a coal furnace converted to oil.

Montag Mfg. Co. (Comfort-Flo), Portland, Ore.
Last listed in 1960. Split into two companies: Montag Fuel and Heating Co., an HVAC contractor; and Montag Furnace
Co., which was purchased by Albina Fuel Co., and is no longer in air conditioning.

That’s what I thought, thanks.