Furnace age

Crown Montego by Crown Industries
Ser; C10872898BD

This was a 1972 build I did yesterday, is it possible it is original to the build?
Can’t seem to match it up over at;



Very possible had one just recently MFG in 77 and purring like new

well it does have 72 in the serial number could be

Thanks Wayne and the only picture I have is a little fuzzy, but it did look like 42 years old and that would be uncommonly old for a furnace around here.

Thanks Charley, I had never seen this model before.:slight_smile:

I had one last week. John Wood 1959. Purred like a kitten.:stuck_out_tongue:

And it looks better too Linas. Mine ran good also, just looked crappy and there are also evidence of abandoned electric thermostats on the walls indicating it was electric heat starting in 1972. That would put the furnace a little younger. :slight_smile:

Here is a link maybe they can help

Thanks Wayne and good morning. I will send them an email.
I have printed the report already assumming that the furnance is 40+ years old, but I will find out so I can tell the client.
This is the second inspection for the client and he pays well and referrals are always a welcome. :slight_smile:

Let us know how the determine the age . I am betting 1972 lol

I will, just sent it in. :slight_smile:

Thank you for filling out the following information and submitting it to us.
Below is the information for your records. Please do not respond to this email.
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.
This form was sent to Crown Support at 6/15/2014 9:24:19 AM (EST) from
1. To Department: General Inquiry
2. Name Marcel Cyr
3. Email mcyrhammer@roadrunner.com
4. Phone # 207-873-5078
5. Fax #
6. Address 18 Helen Street
7. City Winslow State: Maine Zip: 04901
8. Country U.S.
9. Comments: I am a Home Inspector What is the age of a Crown Montego Serial # C10872898BD Model DWTP130 Thank you for your time and would appreciate your response.

Well, I got an answer, it is to old for their system.

The Montego boiler is too old to come up in our system. There may be a “Series Number” on the nameplate that would have the date of manufacture in it.
The boiler was manufactured from 79-90, so it is at least 24 years old.

Bob Glaubrecht
Warranty Manager
Crown Boiler Company
3633 “I” Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134
215-535-8900 Ext. 1219
215-535-9736 Fax

Thanks Marcel for the update

You are welcome Wayne and I just got off the phone with the client explaining the possible age of the unit.
I told him that it could be 24 years old that I doubt or least 34.

Since no evidence of service record and it looks old, the latter suits it better. :slight_smile:
There was evidence of electric heat in the home in 1972, so 1979 when the electrical rates went out of style, they switched to oil heat.

There you go, the furnance may be on its last leg and time to start budgeting for a new one. :slight_smile: