Help identifying defects?

Seems good to go. :smiley:
Nah, just kidding.
What I cant figure out is what happend in this panel at the image showing the top side. corrosion, overheating??? Chinese drywall??? prob not house was built in 50s
Lots of black or dark wires. What a mess. Another start over. 5 panels in all.

It is just old and appears as if it has been wet.

Just a wild gues, but he original piping is galvanized. The PVC above the panel probably replaced an old leaking metal pipe. That’s why dedicated space requirements exist.

The electrical components have been installed in a residence located in Tennessee. We recommend relocating your primary residency to a state where building codes have been adopted and are enforced. :mrgreen:


my curiosity was the black residue that could be wiped off everything. I have seen some rusty panels but this one was by far one of the top 5 in regards to immediate replacement.
You wonder how more places dont burn down, cause I can’t imagine some of the other stuff out there.

Sean is there a leak in the 22.5° PVC elbow over the top left corner in the first photo?

And it kind of looks like soot residue in the top of the panel. Old coal furnace? Fire in the panel?

I does look like soot at the top central knockout, those wispy lines going up the wall like a soot stain from a candle. And isn’t the plastic at the top service connection deformed?

yes for the leak and yes for the soot…
NO coal furnace that I know of, just an unsually messed up panel. Several copper wires were also black or green with oxidation. Hard to tell if it was overheating or corrosion. Due to someone tappity tapping away with multiple wires, I am surprised the home is still standing.

I would back this theory with money!!!

Ha. Thanks Jay :slight_smile: