Help identifying system size.

How do you describe this system… 200 Amp service to house. Main panel had no single shutoff. Cutler Hammer panel (pic included). One of the 60 amp breakers did shut off the circuits in the home, but the other large breakers were servicing the HVAC, Subpanel in garage, etc.

Is this a "spit bus?

Would this still be considered a 200 AMP service, or would you consider it a 100 AMP, or since the shutoff is 60, a 60 AMP service?

Without being able to see everything and with limited info, it is hard to say but based on like panels I have seen, it is 200 amp service.

Meter is most likely a CL200
Service conductors 4/0 AL ? you tell us.
Panel rating 200 amp? you tell us.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

Looks like a distribution panel with what looks like a 4 wire circuit, but what is the conductor looping up in the bottom, looks like it is being fed from the third breaker from the top on the left? Have you a pic of the meter, is there a disconnect out there? also a double tap on the fourth beaker. Got more pics, you cna never have too many pics

Top 6 throws kill the panel from what I see.(more pics might help)

Third breaker down on the left should be feeding the lower half. One conductor goes to the bottom and back under the breakers the other goes half way down and turns to go under at midpoint.

There should have been a label with a diagram on it.

Here is a pic of one that show it more clearly.

Size will be determined by the service conductors.

200 might be a bit strong.

Typical split bus panel. The bottom portion of the panel is supplied by that 3rd 60amp breaker. Two conductors from the breaker, one to each of the lower bus bars. Feeds the lighting and outlets. All the big items requiring 220/240 are fed using the other 5 top breakers. Oven/Stove, AC, furnace, Sub Panel, Dryer. (usually what we find up here, there could be regional differences)

I’m pretty sure this is exactly the description.

I agree that it looks like a very sloppy split-bus panel and judging from the SE cable a 200 amp service. Could never really understand the extra miles of conductors in the panel.

Bruce, if you look at the cable feeding into the top center KO on the panel you will see it is 3 conductor Type SE-U. The neutral is twisted up and goes into the left buss near the top.

BTW, nice use of the 90 degree greenfield connector on the right side of the panel.