Service size and panels

Please tell me what you think about the service size for this house. It is 120/240 service drop. It is a smaller meter, but has listed 200cl on it. The SE conductors appear to be #2 AWG AL. The main panel (Cutler Hammer) is rated for 125 amps. There are 5 main disconnects that total 190 amps. 1969 house.

Also, what do you think about the black wire lugged with the ground at the bottom right of the main panel? And, also about the ground lugged with the neutrals on the neutral bus in the sub panel? Thanks in advance.

Main Panel 2.JPG

Sub Panel wires.JPG

Elect Meter.JPG

Sub Panel 2.JPG

Main Panel.JPG

First off, we all need to get off this whole “200CL” meter fixation. This has absolutely NO bearing on service size. This is simply the classicification of the meter that the POCO uses. 200CL means nothing to anyone but the POCO.

Second, the sum of the breakers is another absolutely useless number. This also has NO bearing on service size, capacity or draw.

The small black on the neutral bar is the neutral from the chime transformer. They sometimes used to come with two blacks for some reason. This is not an issue.

I’ll let others comment on the rest.

To add to Peter’s post - there are 5 throws for service disconnect. There are not “5 main disconnects.” This is a split-bus. Service disconnect is accomplished by “switching off” the top bus.

#2 awg is rated for 100 amp
panel is rated 125 amp

take the weakest link in the chain.

i’d report this as 100 amp service

My vote is 100 amp service. The owner had an inspection done when they bought the house a couple of years ago though, and the inspector said it was 60 amp service then. They have not changed anything either.

Also, it appears to me that the sub panel is not proper due to the neutral (grounded conductor) and the ground (grounding conductor) joined under the same lug on the neutral bus. The insulation on that neutral wire looked like it was scorched toward the bottom of the panel too. Any thoughts?

By the way, the ‘200CL’ on a modern meter indicates the meter is rated @ 200A.

I see a bunch of double tapped neutrals. The photos are a bit too small to see anything else.

The only comment I will add is…watch my " Sizing a Service " video…as Peter stated…the use of the “Meter Enclosure” can “ASSIST” in putting you into the ballpark but it is NOT something to be a major consideration…

It may AID in putting together the puzzles…BUT you need to focus on SE Size, OCPD and Panel Rating…and when looking to the size of the SE…sometimes looking at the mast connection can help as well…

However…it is REALLY ( when using the meters as an AID )…the size of the meter enclosure…NOT the CL100, CL200 or CL320 or anything actually written on the meter insert itself…