Help many inspectors

This is just one of many Letters and phone calls .
I get from USA and Canadians a month .

Yes I got many pictures too

Sent: August-28-18 5:44 PM
To: Roy Cooke


Xxxxx Xxxxx here from Xxxxxx.

I would like to ask you what you think of this panel. A mouse got in and caused damage, also very old cables.

Only 2 screws holding on front cover.

I asked them to have an electrician check it out and he said itwas perfectly fine.

I will not go on the nachi board to ask because there are always people who only have negative comments.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

[FONT=Helvetica]Thanking you in advance.[/FONT]

Xxxx Xxxxxxx

Apparently your prescription for Narcissism has lapsed again. Perhaps Robert can help you figure out how to keep them coming on time!

Thanks Jeffery for confirming Just what the last home inspector was talking about

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3] ( I will not go on the nachi board to ask because there are always people who only have negative comments ).[/size][/FONT]

I suppose…if the electrician said it was perfectly fine… then I guess it was perfectly fine…
What is the problem?


Shades of CNN, more “Unnamed Sources”? :shock::shock:


Sorry Doug it was a disaster and no electrician would ever say it was OK.

Emmanuel .
I do not see where your letter is helping our industry .
My letter is showing why many great inspectors are avoiding our forum .

This forum is a micro representation of the real world.
If you can’t deal with this forum you may have a problem dealing with the people you meet everyday…
Deal with it!
This is just my opinion…

So do you think attacking other inspectors and having them no longer post is a good way to go .
I got over 6 letters asking for info this month ,
I think it is sad to see this info was not shared with all new inspectors to help them learn .

No! But, You and I deal with it. They need to learn to do so as well.
Most of the people on this forum are good guys.
I have long ago learned to not get in pis*sing matches here on the forum.
In addition, There is nothing we can do to make the cynical ones change.

Yes we have some great inspectors who help many BUT we have many other great inspectors who now seldom post much any more sad to see how much this forum has shrunk.
Many of us do what WE can but the continued loss sure does not improve our industry.

Keyboard cowboys do inhibit use of the forum at times.


Yes I too noticed that I also see they usually have very little information or knowledge they share with others .
They also seem to have very few friends

The clown that has to blow his own horn invariably has a tiny horn.

Yep sure sounds like you have a problem .
I feel sorry for you .

[quote=“jjonas, post:16, topic:125788”]

Narcissism - Wikipedia

Narcissism - Wikipedia

Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

Yep looks like Jeffery likes looking at him self in the mirror . What a strange way to go through life . All the best JJ… Roy

No your letter is an unverified piece of writing that can be made up on a whim. This is no better than any news source claiming “Sources say” or any other piece of writing intended to inflame but refusing to provide the supposed source. Any “Source” with integrity, and any person with integrity supplying inflammatory materials would have absolutely no problem being identified. Those that are afraid and have to hide typically have no integrity and their “information” is highly suspect.

The clown (in this case the person making and/or pushing inflammatory rhetoric) also hides behind makeup to hide their identity which displays a significant lack of integrity.

Yep and of course these posts below are also made up.

Indecently I can post about 15 more that you would be also made up . looks to me like you are extremely jealous person .

Here are a couple of strings of mine

Thanks to Roy Cooke Sr.!