Dear bugmenot:

I scanned through recent posts and will set the record straight on a few points:

  1. Claude said that Bill Mullen has not been permitted to post on this message board, but Claude must mean that Bill has not been permitted by someone other than NACHI as Bill is certainly permitted by NACHI to post here. In fact, I have no admin-function access to this message board, I cannot edit other’s posts, I cannot delete other’s posts and I certainly can’t stop anyone from posting. Your posts are proof of that. Bill and I communicate regularly and I consider him to be someone I trust. I would love to hear from him here and I think it would be great for the industry.

  2. No, I have never been compensated for the work I do for NACHI, nor has our President, nor has our Director of Development, nor has our Executive Director, nor have our chapter heads, etc. NACHI is not just a non-profit group… but we are also Federally tax exempt We are all volunteers.

Furthermore, and I will put this in its own separate paragraph to hammer home the point, I have never been compensated* indirectly* by any means through NACHI either. NACHI regularly works with 600 industry vendors and they will all tell you the same thing, when offered “a piece of the action” (which happens often), I have always insisted that the $ go to NACHI members in form of better NACHI-member exclusive pricing. That is why is so great.

And Furthermore, comparing what we do and what we offer for the $289/year, to other trade associations (not just inspection associations), I’d go as far as saying we do more with less than any other organization on the planet earth. Long before one asks what NACHI does with the money (a ridiculous question when one clicks on the aforementioned links), one is compelled to ask what other associations are doing with their money? Not much IMHO. In the U.S. for example, we have one group, NAHI, that offers ZERO membership benefits, and I do mean ZERO. The other Canadian associations seem to be doing some good stuff so I don’t include them with do-nothing associations like NAHI. Anyway, the question you should be asking is *how does NACHI do all of it with just the money we have? *Our value proposition to the practicing inspector is so apparent that any inspector who can’t recognize it (no offense intended) is probably too dumb to recognize defects in a home and so shouldn’t be performing inspections for the public.

  1. Yes, all other Canadian associations are invited to come to our Convention in Toronto I’ll give them all a free booth and treat them as honored guests. Free speech message boards like this one are designed to give us all a place to argue everything out (and I’ll protect those freedoms come hell or high water) but conventions are a place to learn, be informed and have fun. So on top of the invitation, and a promise of free nice booth space, I also give you my word that other (note my use of the word “other” as I think of NACHI as Canadian also) Canadian associations will be treated like royalty and I won’t permit any NACHI member to treat them poorly. In fact, I’ll put my booth right next to and/or between theirs. Members from those associations are free to address the attendees. Considering this is going to be a major inspection event in Toronto, and in light of the fact that I have removed budgetary restrictions, All Canadian associations have a duty to the profession to be there.

Nick I find that strange you trust Bill Mullen given the well documented statements about you and Nachi. Are you suggesting you don’t trust the rest of us? I don’t think you mean that, but one must wonder why you would trust someone who has spoken poorly of you repeatedly on his private chat list and that of OAHI CAFE. I guess you are more Christian than Bill and forgive his transgressions. :wink:

Bill Mullen and any other competing association rep would be nuts to post even one word here. His name has been dragged through the mud on a daily basis as it is. Imagine if he started repsonding to all the childish crap. You’ve already seen first hand the crap Claude Lawrenson continually takes for trying to set the record straight. It’s unbelievable.

You’ve permitted this forum to become a dumping ground for illiterate, bitter, unethical Canadian inspectors who have nothing better to do with their time than to badmouth other people and associations. If you think that helps your association’s professional imagine, that’s your business, but don’t expect the people being attacked to waste one keystroke responding to the couple of disgruntled troublemakers. And I’d be shocked if they took you up on your offer of a free booth at your convention. After all, your troublemakers here have ensured there will never be any good will between your association and your competitors.

As for NAHI, is that not a pseudo-association set up by a inspection franchise company to lend credibility to their franchisees; you know, so they can have an acronym behind their name? If so, then you are really doing yourself a disservice comparing NACHI to them.


Thats a two way street. I remember receiving quite a few emails from you about Bill and cohorts and how they were manipulating the process you didn’t have nice things to say. As for Bill coming here and posting at least he posts and speaks his mind but doesn’t hide like coward behind anonimity. You should take a page out of Bills book.

I am not sure whether you are referring to Nick or m in regards to a dumping ground any more than Bills Dumping ground on the Canuck list. As to illeiterate, that is funny seeing as no one is illitierate, or unethical anymore than you have been and are or for that matter the uenthical treatment by the BOD. Collusion? When is the last time you looked in the mirror you hypocrite, having been caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

Now when are you going to start parlaying relative factual info. I haven’t read anything other than your personal views which you cannot back up.

What acronyms do you put behind your name?

For your edification and delectation eh!

Dofuss, I’m not even a member of OAHI and I have no experience with “The Canuck List.” :roll:

As to my comment on the “illiterate” forum member, if you can’t figure out who I’m talking about, considering he posts here almost as often as you do, then you need to brush up on your grammar skills.

And what on earth are you talking about with this cookie jar reference? You keep bringing it up but never elaborate. ](*,)


I didn’t say you are a member of Oahi did I? And I know you are well aware of the Canuck list.

Illiterate? What has grammar skills got to do with posting here? As usual you don’t make a great deal of sense. Come to think of it if you cannot explain your thoughts, then you must be illiterate yourself.

You make statements that suggest I am a member or that I have some insider information.

You said: “I remember receiving quite a few emails from you about Bill and cohorts and how they were manipulating the process you didn’t have nice things to say.”

Really now. So how on earth would I know what Bill Mullen does? And from what email address did you receive these emails?

Everyone knows you too well, Ray. If you received one word from me you’d have posted it here lickety split.

Once again, you have shown yourself as an unethical liar. I’m not surprised you call yourself an RHI when you are not. It fits your lowlife personality.


You know, if you are so desperate to make OAHI or CAHPI look bad that you’ll resort to lying about getting emails from me, why should anyone on this forum trust a god damn word you say?

That’s been my point all along. Only a fool would believe claims made by disgruntled and bitter people like yourself and Roy. You’ve done a splendid job of helping me make my point. Thanks.


Ray, See! When a couple of people think you are a horse arse it is no big concern, but when everyone thinks you are a horse’s arse its time to buy a saddle.

Well Mr. Bugmenot you have done a brilliant job of showing the rest of us how not to make a point. Using foul language is not acceptable and detracts from the point you were trying to make. Personnel attacks are also out of line and unacceptable. The only point you have made is that you do not have the ware with all to debate the issues and resort to personal attacks.

What was the point you were trying to make?
Would to try again?
If you decide to try again Please confine your comments to the issues.-X

I will agree with bugmenot about Claude.

Claude voluntarily continues to help our profession by answering even those questions which are clearly loaded.

I tip my hat to him.

I’m not saying that everyone has to join NACHI. What I am saying is that even those who don’t join have to recognize the value proposition we bring to the industry, if they are to be good inspectors. If an inspector is unable to recognize that 79 cents a day at NACHI is over obviously the best money one could spend to improve one’s inspection business, then that same inspector is probably unable to recognize defects in homes that are over obvious too.

You are not necessarily a poor inspector if you are a non-NACHI-member, but you are definitely a poor inspector if you can’t see the over obvious in something.

Doug ole boy you must be one of those Bubba Rednecks your very convincing that you are!

bugmenot writes:

Agreed. Touche.

Bugger me not

You really don’t have a lot to say. You come here under the guise of knocking Nachi, can’t back up anything you have said. Lordy, lordy look whose lying. You have not been able to back up one iota of anything you have said. You display your hatred and contempt and then try and tell us we are wacko. Nice try, when you dry out go seek help.


One thing I think Claude and I know is that b.s. criticisms only survive if we hide from them.

There was a time at NACHI when I took a gang beating from all sides, all day long. I used the criticisms that had some merit to plug the holes at NACHI. This left only criticisms that were baseless, and those make the critic look bad, not NACHI. Like the guy up in Canada who said that NACHI is merely a virtual association, everyone knows he’s full of beans as we have over 500 actual events (most educational) a year. Stuff like that helps us, not hurts us.

Eventually we’ve come to the point we are today… where a critic’s big ugly nasty charge against NACHI is that we are so good that we shouldn’t even compare ourselves to scumbag NAHI.


We’ve come a long way baby… thanks in part to this open-to-all message board.

Nick you sure are great. Wish I had your talents. No wonder the other associations are scared!
Keep up the good work.


Bugger me not

Why would I post anything from you when you have continually denied everything ever posted. You doth protest to loudly. You have never admitted to anything. You can’t even admit who you are. You show just how cowardly you are.

Ya know thieves don’t belong in any associatioin, and thats why you are were you are today. Broken life, broken marriage, no one here backing you up, no one coming to your aide to prove your points. You are a real loser alright.

As to Vern and others, obviously they are more astute than you give credit to. They can see for themselves through my postings of dcuments who is doing what to whom. If you cannot ascertain right from wrong as you continually demonstrate, I am very glad you are not a member, because you not only do not work to change things you continue to degrade anyone who can appreciate and discern and weigh the evidence.

I am not blinded by their comments.
Like I said in another thread “Only a bigger fools argues with a fool”
Oh oh now I’m a fool because I’m arguing with you. Enough said.
Have a good day.

BTW Who are you bugmenot? At least Ray andRoy have the balls to put their name behind their comments.



You are wasting your time with this idiot,he won’t tell us who he is.Like you said “No balls”.