Help on age of Bryant furnace

Serial # 4876A00644

I’m going with 1976, but from the chart I have, before 1990 there should be a letter somewhere in the first 4 digits. Help?

Would 1964 be to early?

Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night: Recently (last 20 years or so) 3rd and 4th digits in S# = year
**Through 1969, the first digit of the serial number indicates the year of manufacture. Example: 3xxxxxx = 1963, **
1970 and later, a letter followed by a number indicates the month and year of manufacture. Example: A1 = January 1971, B1 = February 1971, C4 = March 1974 etc.

It certainly could be 1964 from what you’ve found. I didn’t have that info on my chart. Interesting…

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