Furnace age

Day and Night Furnace. Serial #53513 M#80UA

OLD unit! Any clue on how to read this serial number?

I appreciate the help.

1965 based on this post:

Yes, I believe 1965 works…

**Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night: **Recently (last 20 years or so) the first four
numbers in the serial number represent the week and year. Previously, it was a series of
letters and single digits as explained below.
Through 1969, the first digit of the serial number indicates the year of manufacture.
Example: 3xxxxxx = 1963, 4xxxxxx = 1964, etc.
1970 and later, a letter followed by a number indicates the month and year of
manufacture. Example: A1 = January 1971, B1 = February 1971, C4 = March 1974 etc.
A = Jan
B = Feb
C = Mar
D = Apr
E = May
F = Jun
G = Jul
H = Aug
J = Sep
K = Oct
L = Nov
M = Dec

Thanks a ton guys! This is why I love this message board!

Would love some help in the Members only thread on the Fed. Pacific panel!