HELP - Surge protector/sub-panel set up

Yesterday’s inspection had a surge protector installed. The first pic shows the main breaker box with the sub-panel and then the surge protector. The second pic shows the 12 ga. wires feeding the sub-panel, tapped off the main. The third pic shows the sub-panel.

Can someone enlighten me on this set up, it’s new to me.

Thank you.

Hi Joshua,

I can’t comment on the surge protector as there isn’t enough info in the pictures, however the sub panel is both improperly fed and improperly wired with the neutrals and grounds on the same bus.

I’d recommend an electrician to correct both.



Well put Gerry-

That’s a big *** wire nut in photo 3

I think some of those big grey wire nuts do up to two #6’s. Crazy, eh?

There’s also excessive corrosion in the bottom of the main breaker box.
Double-tapped neutrals in the sub.

John Kogel