Subpanel issues

Hi Sparkies, I am the 1st to admit that electricity is my weakest area. I would like to know if I have this right and did I get it all.

Looking at the mounting screw which is visible in the lower left hand side I would also guess that there may be an issue there , as it appears to not be secured properly .

Were all 4 in place or just 2 kitty corner screws ?

Am I seeing shadows or wiring. Where is the double tap?

Robert, all four were in place.
Blaine, Shadows, not a double tap. The top two wires are 14 gauge and the one below is a 12 gauge. The breaker is a 20 amp.

Hi Ralph,

the only real problem in that panel is the grounds and Neutrals on the same bus, as it’s a remote panel they should be seperated and the neutrals isolated from the panel box.

Yout “double tap” is the sensing wire for that GFCI/AFCI
there is nothing wrong with 2 cable assemblies in one bushing



Gerry, The 14 gauge wire on the 20amp GFCI/AFCI breaker is OK? 2 wires in the same box opening OK? There is no seperate bar for seperating the ground and neutrals. wrong box? I appreciate your input Gerry, I just want to make sure of all issues. Thanks to Robert and Blaine also.

I’d note the wires undersized/oversized breaker and that the neutrals are not isolated or separated.

Sorry, brain fart, that should be on a 15amp, my bad


Looks like you caught the issues

Just to clarify, that bond strap near the neutral buss should have been removed. An auxillary ground buss should have been added/

A few things come into mind and I most certainly don’t want to MUDDY any waters over bringing up lessons to learn from. Did the OP say if this “Remote” panel was in the same structure or a detached structure as I always hate to assume it.

Depending on the Code Cycle they are in it may not be a violation to have the Case to Neutral connection, but since they DID run the four conductors then it would indeed need to be seperated as Jim and Gerry have pointed out but something to think about for those 2005 and earlier NEC jurisdictions.

Also if this was a detached structure which I again don’t know that it is or isn’t and I am just kinda grasping at straws here…then a grounded electrode system would also be required…just things to think about.

Another reason I ask this is it is not typical to back fed a breaker in a “sub-panel” in the same dwelling so when we see back fed devices we look for hold down devices and then think…wait a minute it may be a detached structure and then OTHER issues come into play that I wont go into right now…just think about the senerios and it helps you learn…

BTW…the first step is admitting that Electricity is a weak link…now do something about it and take the online quiz, read all you can and ask as many questions you need until your comfort level is raised. Thats what we are here for, thats why people like me and others give “FREELY and WITHOUT MONITARY GAIN” advice to help people like yourself by CHOICE…as one knowledge is weak but as a group knowledge is STRONG !

Thanks for all the input guys. This message board is by far the best learning tool that I use. Paul, This month I am taking an electrical, continuing ed class for my license renewal requirements. [NY]

Excellent…any education is a SOUND investment in your future. Good luck my friend.