Help to identify why this block wall is like this

So I dropped off a radon machine and will inspect in two days. I always take a quick trip around the home to see if anything is a little weird, well I need help on this one.

Can anyone tell me why this foundation block would be like this. The inside looked completely normal and no signs of water issues anywhere. Thanks, Bill

Some wider shots would help.
Is this an addition, main house or what?
Type of foundation?

Sorry, no wider shot. It’s a main house. There is no foundation. It’s a block (cinder) wall. There is just an offset on one side of the house and another offset at the ground level.

Any chance it’s support for a future brick veneer?

Sorry, there is no addition (there is a foundation…ha).



Was it covering a crawlspace? It looks as if they wanted to ventilate something in pic one, provide drainage in pic 2. Its either a clever design or someone had a brain fart.