Help w/ A.C. age please

Hi to All,
I am tring to find the age and size of A.C. and Heater unit.

brand name- Cumberland
Serial # - G27219666
Model # - RACA 0251AAAO

Brand name - Cumberland
Serial # - G17567984
Model # - FUAB080A30A0

Unfortunately, there are several possibilities depending on whether Trane or American Standard manufactured them.

I think the AC is a Trane, 2-ton unit, manufactured in 1992.

I think the heater also is a Trane, 80,000 BTU, also manufactured in 1992.

Thanks I could not find anything on that unit. I did not realize that was a Trane unit. Where did you find that information from so I could get that for my own references. But I guess I have the best reference available with this MB.


A combination of Technical Reference Guide and my own ongoing research when I find something unusual on my own, on this Message Board, or over at

Sometimes it’s like creating a family tree because there are so many branches.

Cumberland RACA 0251A
mfg 1992
BTUH 29800

American Standard
mfg 1992 or 1993
BTU 80000
AFUE 78.0

Reference Carrier Bluebook 03’

You should invest in a Prestons Guide

Thanks for the information