A/C Make & Age

I looked at what appears to be an older A/C unit that had no identifying label to tell me what brand it is. Any help on the brand and/or age would be greatly appreciated.

Model # HAMC-F030SA
Serial # EFAM230735


I’ll have to let the Preston’s folks weigh in as well, but if I had to make a guess without having access to Preston’s (and I don’t), I’d say an Armstrong unit from June 1976. It could, however, be one of many different brands. Once we know the brand from the Preston’s folks based on the model number, we’ll know how to decode the serial number better.

Probably Luxaire, but may well have been sold under another brand name, looks to be a 1992/3 model



If it’s Luxaire—and it does match their serial number system—then it’s December 1992. Thanks, Gerry.

Thanks Russel & Gerry! After getting the Luxaire name, I researched old threads and it sure looks like you are right. Thanks again!