Help Wanted - Denver, Colorado

Job Opening - Home Inspector - $35 per hour

Apply online:

The ideal candidate:

  • Enjoys working with people and sharing knowledge
  • Is able to climb a ladder, walk a roof, crawl a crawlspace
  • Is familiar and comfortable with computers and smartphones
  • Is able to pass a background check


  • 4-year degree or Technical certificate
  • Ideally experience with real estate, insurance adjusting, engineering, architecture, or home construction
  • Applicant must have formal home inspection training or take formal training upon hire

Careful… This site is requesting your SS number on their application form. Can’t be legitimate

Wow, great catch Rick:D

Making me nervous.

I hear Denver is nice, but Who would want to take a job making 1/4 there normal salary??

Thank you for your comment. The post is legitimate and Call2Inspect is well-respected company in the Denver community. It is common on a job application to ask for a SS# and in this case it is optional information. As part of our security and vetting process we run background checks on any serious candidate.

I’m sorry it’s not for you but there are many people who would find our company and the compensation quite desirable.

Hi David, I wish there was a Like button, well said.